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Should you have any questions about our manuals, forms and/or templates prior to your audit, feel free to reach out!

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Lifetime Licences

You are able to use our manuals, forms and templates for the life of your RTO - no renewal fees or annual subscription!

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Ready to Use Resources

You can easily populate the documents with your RTO name and information to make them all yours!

Our RTO and CRICOS resources and tools have gone through multiple ASQA audits with success! It is important to ensure that the policies and procedures you have in place, and the documents and templates you are using are compliant so that you won’t have to worry about failing a compliance audit.

RTO Policies and Procedures Manual

An RTO's Policies and Procedures manual sits at the core of all of your training and assessment operations. If your Policies and Procedures manual is not compliant, it can cause a lot of errors, inconsistencies and problems for your RTO. You can now access our comprehensive Policies and Procedures manual to help you keep your RTO running compliantly!

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RTO Management and Operations Forms and Templates

Do you need the forms and templates to manage your RTO without having to worry whether your forms and templates are compliant? We have prepared a comprehensive set of forms and templates for you to be able to easily download and use!

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Training and Assessment Strategy

Do you need a Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) template that is compliant to the Standards and is easy to follow? Our TAS has gone through numerous ASQA audits and you can now have complete access to our compliant TAS document template just by clicking on the button below!

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Recognition of Prior Learning Kit - RPL Kits

RPL is tricky without the correct kit and many RTOs have been caught out not applying the Clauses 1.8 and 1.12 in the Standards for RTOs 2015 correctly. Our RPL kits have been rigorously tested by many ASQA auditors and you can now easily access our template for your customisation today!

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