Audit Support Commitment

Should you have any questions about our manuals, forms and/or templates prior to your audit, feel free to reach out!

Lifetime Licences

You are able to use our manuals, forms and templates for the life of your RTO – no renewal fees or annual subscription charges!

Ready to Use Resources

You can easily populate the documents with your RTO name and information to make them all yours!

Compliant Resources and Tools

At RTO Advantage, we know how important having compliant resources and tools are in every successful RTO. We have developed a range of management, operational, training, and assessment tools that not only meets the Standards for RTOs 2015 (and the National Code 2018, if applicable).

Our tools have gone through multiple ASQA audits with success, giving you the assurance that the elements we have incorporated into our tools meet the compliance requirements.

Assessment tools for RTO

All our assessment tools come with our compliance guarantee and are written by industry experts to ensure they meet current industry standards.  Our Assessment tools are designed to ensure the students are meeting the designed requirements whilst ensuring the trainers have a consistent and easy-to-understand assessment tool.

View our catalog of RTO training and assessment resources by clicking on the button below.