RTO Consultant Services Across Australia Including Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

To most RTOs and their employees, compliance can be a very confusing mess. Our passionate compliance experts can help you untangle that mess and develop logical and practical compliance systems to ensure you are always on top of your compliance requirements, be it with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, or the National Code 2018, or both! Don’t become another registration cancellation statistic. Let us work closely with you and help you navigate through the stringent regulatory environment.

Expert RTO Consultant Services in Australia - Melbourne Sydney Queensland Perth

RTO consultant Melbourne

Our RTO compliance experts can help with all aspects of the Victorian vocational and training funding contracts. Let our team of RTO consultants assist you with acheiving the requirements of the Skills First program.

RTO consultant Sydney

New South Wales funding contracts can be difficult to understand. Let our team of experienced RTO compliance consultants assist you with manage Smart and Skilled contracts.

RTO consultant Brisbane

Let us help you with the funding contract requirements of the Queensland government. Our team can help you with understanding the requirements for the Certificate 3 Guarantee, User Choice, and Higher Level Skills funding.

RTO Consultant, Audit and RTO Consultancy Services

Offering RTO consulting services in Australia is our passion. We want to make sure you get assistance from our team of expert RTO consultants in all aspects of your RTO operation. We can assist your RTO to ensure it is compliant with the current Standards for Registered Training Organisations, this includes everything from the initial RTO registration to audit advice and RTO-specific policies and procedure. We can also assist you with RTO re-registration, adding a qualification to scope, RTO compliance, and validation.

We have successfully owned and operated our own RTOs and understand firsthand the importance of ensuring your RTO operations are following the ASQA standards. Let us help you effectively manage your RTO’s operations and compliance.

RTO Consulting Services that focuses on compliance.

The compliance requirements for RTOs are strict and difficult to understand and maintain. With the number of RTO registrations being canceled at record levels, it is critical to ensure your RTO is compliant with the RTO standards governed by ASQA.

Our RTO consulting services ensure your RTO meets the up-to-date compliance requirements and avoids unnecessary audits by ASQA. Whether you are just starting out and need help with a new RTO registration or you have an existing RTO and you need help with audits or ongoing compliance requirements, our RTO management experts can help.