CRICOS Registration

If you have plans to deliver nationally recognised training to international students, you will need to be a CRICOS registered RTO. Our team at RTO Advantage can help you navigate the complicated rules and standards to help you successfully attain registration as a CRICOS provider.

As part of our CRICOS registration services, you will receive expert advice, guidance and coaching for the ASQA audit, you will have your registration project managed professionally by us, you will receive a comprehensive and compliant CRICOS policies and procedures manual as well as CRICOS management and operations document templates.

What is CRICOS?

CRICOS stands for the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. A training provider that delivers accredited training must be CRICOS certified for it to enrol international students.

A CRICOS registered provider is able to broaden its scope and grow its operations to welcome students from all over the world.

What are the CRICOS registration requirements?

To be able to register as a CRICOS provider, an RTO must complete a financial viability risk assessment tool, complete the Fit and Proper Person declarations for each executive and managerial members of the RTO, undertake ASQA’s self-assessment form, understand the National Code 2018, must be able to deliver high-quality training to international students, and must be able to provide evidence that they are able to maintain their ongoing responsibilities as a CRICOS provider.

How to I apply for a CRICOS registration?

To apply to be registered for CRICOS, your RTO will first need to complete the following:

  • a Financial Viability Risk Assessment (FVRA) tool
  • a Fit and Proper Person declaration form for each high executive and managerial member
  • the self-assessment forms to demonstrate tht your RTO is ready to deliver training and assessment to international students, as well as manage the recruitment, enrolment and support of overseas students

What is the difference between CRICOS and ELICOS?

The main difference is the types of qualifications a CRICOS registered provider can offer, and an ELICOS registered provider can offer. A CRICOS registered provider can offer nationally recognised qualifications on their scope that is a certificate, diploma or advanced diploma program and can be a business diploma or a certificate in building and construction. An ELICOS provider can only offer English language training to students who are planning to further their studies in the vocation or higher education sector in Australia.

Do I have to renew my CRICOS Registration?

Yes, ASQA only provides an RTO with a 5-year registration period for CRICOS (but these are usually aligned with your RTO registration period). At least 90-days before an RTO’s registration expires, an RTO must submit an application to renew their RTO and CRICOS registration should they wish to continue marketing and servicing to the international market.

How do I change scope as a CRICOS provider?

To change scope as a CRICOS provider, you will first need to add the qualification(s) to your scope via ASQAnet and during the change of scope process, indicate that you want to add them onto your CRICOS scope as well.

You should have the following items ready:

  • Information about the course – including the duration of the terms, the breaks, and any work placement postings
  • Licensing information (if applicable)
  • Fees – both tuition and non-tuition fees you intend on charging
  • The number of current domestic and international students enrolments
  • Timetable – for your entire CRICOS scope completed on ASQA’s timetable template
  • Work placement information – if there is a work placement component to your training program

Be sure that you are ready for an audit as adding new qualifications to scope can trigger an audit!