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Training and Assessment Strategy Template – BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (Release 2)

Do you need a Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) that is compliant to the Standards and is easy to follow? Our TAS has gone through numerous ASQA audits and you can now have complete access to our compliant TAS document template!

What is a Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)?

A Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) is a framework used by trainers and assessors to inform the training delivery and assessment approach taken by the Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The TAS is designed to meet the requirements of the relevant training package or the specific accredited course and is a working document which will change over time with the support of an RTO’s continuous improvement process.

Under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 Clauses 1.1-1.4 and Clause 2.2, each RTO is required to develop, document and implement strategies for the delivery of nationally recognised training and assessment. This includes ensuring access to suitable resources, facilities and trainers which are all required to be recorded in the TAS for the relevant course.

Each course and each type of delivery is to have its own TAS document as it is to be customised to meet the specific needs of the cohort enrolled in the training.

This TAS has been developed to the requirements of the BSB41419 Cert IV in Work Health and Safety (Release 2) qualification.

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What should the Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) include?

It is important that the TAS includes all of the information required for any Trainer and Assessor to deliver the required training and assessment efficiently and effectively.

A Trainer and Assessor should be able to read through the TAS and clearly understand the structure of the training being delivered, when the assessments are to be conducted and what they are, how the assessment evidences are to be collected and the benchmarks, the rules to re-assessment, what the rules and guidelines are as per the training package, what resources and equipment are needed, if there are any licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification considerations, entry requirements, core skills indicator requirements, information about work placements (if applicable), and other relevant information required by the Trainer and Assessor .

Do I need to make modifications to the TAS I purchase?

Yes, the Training and Assessment Strategy template you purchase will need to be customised to suit your RTOs training and assessment approach, your delivery mode, your student cohort, and industry consultation findings.

There are clear instructions with pointers on how you can customise the template.

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