Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Kit Template

RPL is tricky without the correct kit and many RTOs have been caught out not applying the Clauses 1.8 and 1.12 in the Standards for RTOs 2015 correctly. Our RPL kits have been rigorously tested by many ASQA auditors and you can now easily access our template for your customisation today!

Recognition of Prior Learning Kit – RPL Kits

In accordance with the requirements of the Standards for RTOs 2015, RTOs are to provide their students with the opportunity to apply to have their prior learning and experience recognised towards a nationally recognised qualification or units of competence for which they are enrolled in.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment-only process that assesses a student’s workplace experience and/or formal and informal training to determine their competency against the relevant accredited unit.

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What is a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment kit?

An RPL kit is a document that guides Assessors through the RPL process and typically contains information about nature of the RPL, the procedure involved, the requirements of the unit(s) of competence, the responsibilities of the Assessor and what is required from the student, the assessment plan and tools, evidence collected, as well as the outcome of the RPL assessment.

What evidences would you require for an RPL assessment?

The evidences provided for an RPL assessment can vary depending on the nature of the unit of competence. It is important to note that when collecting assessment evidence, an RTO must apply the rules of evidence, meaning it must be sufficient, valid, authentic and current. This will enable the Assessor to judge if the evidence provided is suitable to confirm the student’s ability to adapt their prior learning or current competence to the context of the intended workplace or industry.

Some forms of evidence which may be collected include:

  • Employment contract containing their duty statement
  • Performance review records
  • Reports from current and previous reporting manager or supervisor
  • Training records (both formal and informal training)
  • Work samples and portfolio
  • Assessments of current skills and knowledge

Who qualifies for RPL?

Students may have obtained relevant skills and knowledge through previous workplace training or experience, or prior formal training, which can reduce the number of units required to be completed in an accredited training program. Their work experience or prior formal training must clearly meet the requirements as outlined in the respective unit of competency in order for the student to be eligible for RPL.

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