Assessment Moderation and Validation Pack

In accordance with Clause 1.9, an RTO is to implement a plan for ongoing systematic validation of assessment practices and judgements that includes each training product on your scope of registration. Assessment validation involves checking that the assessment tools used by the RTO produces valid, reliable, sufficient, current and authentic evidence so that reasonable judgements can be made as to whether the requirements of the training package or the VET accredited course are met.

Assessment moderation is the practice where an RTO reviews completed assessment tools which have been marked as part of a quality control process aimed at determining whether the assessment judgements made by the Assessors are consistent. Moderation is usually conducted before the finalisation of student results as it ensures the same decisions are applied to all assessment results within the same unit of competency.


What is included in our Assessment Moderation and Validation Pack?

The value for money documents pack includes:

  • Assessment Moderation Checklist
  • Assessment Validation Checklist
  • Assessment Validation Plan